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This group aims to bring municipal, school, non-profit, and other community stakeholders together to strengthen our collective network.  Although it features a once-monthly meeting – the first Thursday of every month – the vision goes beyond a simple monthly ‘update’ group.


While many within the Sutton and Douglas Communities already know each other, our hope is to ensure that critical community work is not taking place in silos.  We want to ensure not only that positives are shared and events are publicized; but that issues facing our community are known by all and addressed collectively. 


Whether trying to help a neighbor secure food and housing or spreading the word about a 4th of July Celebration; maintaining this network can and will serve as a resource to help us work collaboratively and reduce duplicative efforts as we strive to better serve our shared constituencies.


This group is modeled after successful organizations operating in Uxbridge and Northbridge which have demonstrated their benefits time and time again.  We are excited to bring this type of collaborative work to Sutton and Douglas.

Membership in this group has no strings attached, it is free with no requirements.  Additionally, members should feel free to extend this invitation to other individuals or organizations that may add to our group!

Who is the Sutton-Douglas Community Support Network?

Upcoming Events
Sutton-Douglas Community Support Network
Thu, Oct 10
Lifesong Church
Oct 10, 2019, 9:00 AM – 9:05 AM
Lifesong Church, 65 Gilmore Dr, Sutton, MA 01590, USA
Monthly meeting at Lifesong Church

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